Act 2 to be released on September 25, 2012

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hikari Kyoumei

Hey. HiYa here, creator and voice of Hikari Kyoumei
For those who do not know, the UTAU program is a voice synthetizer.

Hikari Kyoumei is now released!!
First of all is.
This is not allowed for Commercial Use
Do not alter or change Hikari's voice.
Not use her for your own utau's voice
Do not roleplay or use mt character w/o my consent
Please let me know what you made her sing and also please credit the creator.
You can contact me using the ff websites: Formspring , Devintart, Youtube

Well, that settles it~
Hikari Kyoumei Act 1 VB

please inform me if you have found some flaws in her voice bank. using the sites that were given.

I'm still an amateur so dont blame me if my utau is soooo crappy


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