Act 2 to be released on September 25, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My MediaFire + Status

Alrght. Recently, I've been really busy, and sometimes very lazy.
Like I was not before

Anyway, I have time to make Hikari sing songs~
But I won't have time to make illustrations and videos of her song...
So Just visit my mediafire for her new songs.
I'll try to make her 2 songs per day
but like I said, I wont have time to make her new song...
Maybe during weekends, I can, but it depends on my schedule~

So~ Visit my mediafire

There will always new song as possible as I can~

NEW SONGs (for Jan 29, 2012)
+One of Repetition feat. Hikari Kyoumei and Kazuki Himitsune
+Tsugai Kogarashi feat Hibiki Kyoumei and Hikari Kyoumei
+Parallel line feat Hibiki Kyoumei and Hikari Kyoumei

I'll try to update as much as I can~

Saturday, January 28, 2012


After months of inactiveness
I finally get to sing a new song~

It's called Rain*Sweet*Umbrella
It's already released in Youtube~
with MP3 included~
Hope you see and hear my voice~
Thank you <3

Personally, I like the song~
Loved it. It was my genre, mellowish gentle song~
Dont you think~
Well if you disliked it T^T Sorry ....
I'm still an amateur in this UTAU world...

So guys, what can I sing next??? :3


I'm so late, that I just knew about his SOPA and PIPA
and even NEW BILLS MADE...

As a fellow UTAU, I am against SOPA, PIPA, AND THE NEW BILL (ACTA??? right?)
Without internet, I may have not been born...
I will always have nothing and my voice will just be nothing without internet..

That's why I wanna save the internet from this greedy government that just wants profit from internet...
Have the world gone too poor, they even got the internet affected because of their dirty work!

Fellow Internet Users, Let uor voice be heard!
STOP SOPA, PIPA, and other Bills concerning this issue...
even though SOPA and PIPA were stopped temporarily, the new bill still threatens us
So guys!! I ask of you to use your free time, just few minutes of your life
to sign this petition against the new bill ACTA

My life...and other UTAU's life...and VOCALOIDS and anything that relies on the internet
are in your hands....

Please, save us

Friday, November 25, 2011

Been Inactive for two months...

I've been inactive for to months
Sorry guys... Was preoccupied with busy school stuff.
Especially this month since it's 3rd quarter now *sigh* oh no...
Well, I decided to drop by and updat Hikari a bit.
Make her sing new songs then post on youtube.
Oh i remember, I'm making her VCV
So estimating my free time and christmas vacation.
I think I can finish her VCV on January.
No exact date but I know I'll finish it on January.

Well, can you guys suggest me a song she can sing?
Also give me the UST lol.

MY STATUS: Still not that experienced with UTAU stuff. Making her VCV

Well, expect more songs from Hikari~

Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Two Songs

Her First two songs

>Aria, born in the ocean
>Melt (originally sung by Hatsune Miku)

Ust not mine
Pictures and UTAU are mine

Yay, she's released~

Well enjoy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hikari Kyoumei

Hey. HiYa here, creator and voice of Hikari Kyoumei
For those who do not know, the UTAU program is a voice synthetizer.

Hikari Kyoumei is now released!!
First of all is.
This is not allowed for Commercial Use
Do not alter or change Hikari's voice.
Not use her for your own utau's voice
Do not roleplay or use mt character w/o my consent
Please let me know what you made her sing and also please credit the creator.
You can contact me using the ff websites: Formspring , Devintart, Youtube

Well, that settles it~
Hikari Kyoumei Act 1 VB

please inform me if you have found some flaws in her voice bank. using the sites that were given.

I'm still an amateur so dont blame me if my utau is soooo crappy