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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My MediaFire + Status

Alrght. Recently, I've been really busy, and sometimes very lazy.
Like I was not before

Anyway, I have time to make Hikari sing songs~
But I won't have time to make illustrations and videos of her song...
So Just visit my mediafire for her new songs.
I'll try to make her 2 songs per day
but like I said, I wont have time to make her new song...
Maybe during weekends, I can, but it depends on my schedule~

So~ Visit my mediafire

There will always new song as possible as I can~

NEW SONGs (for Jan 29, 2012)
+One of Repetition feat. Hikari Kyoumei and Kazuki Himitsune
+Tsugai Kogarashi feat Hibiki Kyoumei and Hikari Kyoumei
+Parallel line feat Hibiki Kyoumei and Hikari Kyoumei

I'll try to update as much as I can~

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